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STC Approved Professional Development Training

Corrections, Probation, Parole

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S2S seeks to provide the highest quality and cost-effective solution to corrections, probation, parole to meet the dynamic needs of bringing valuable live training options.

The S2S STC annual training courses are designed to develop and enhance job-related skills. Annual training is selected based on organizational or individual needs related to the employee’s job.

S2S STC Professional Development courses are designed to meet increased job skills and competency in those we serve.

  • Instructor-led, live training
  • Online (Zoom)
  • High quality & cost effective
  • $75 per 4-hour module
  • 24- hour cancelation is required for refund

Easy Registration / Scheduling Classes

  1. Email or call (916) 629-3045 ext 3 (STCPD support)
  2. Flexible days and times are available based on agency requests.
  3. Discounts available for registering 12 or more participants.

Streets2Schools STC-Approved Online Classes

  • Communicate to Connect
  • Domestic Violence and the Law, Ethics, PC1203.097 and the Role of Programs
  • DV-BIP Training: Techniques and Strategies for Best Practice Facilitating Online DV Groups
  • DV-BIP Whole-Souled Success Curriculum Training: Online Course for Curriculum for Batterers Intervention Programs
  • Group Content Areas, Including Gender Roles, Nature of Violence, Dynamics of Power and Control, and Effects on Children
  • Group Facilitation
  • Intake and Assessment, History of Violence and Nature of Threats
  • Leadership Matters: Guiding Principles and Practices of Highly Effective Leaders
  • Multi-Cultural/Ethnic and Cross-Cultural Diversity
  • Posttraumatic Stress; Strategies and Supports for the Frontline Professional
  • Seek the Lesson
  • Substance Abuse in Domestic Violence
  • Valuable Laws of Growth
  • Victim Safety and the Role of Shelters
  • You Matter- Know Your Value to Add Value
Download STC Course Catalog