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Domestic Violence Batterers Provider Training

The professional development training satisfies the Penal Code requirement, Section 1203.098 (b):

A facilitator of a batterers' intervention program shall complete, as a minimum continuing education requirement, 16 hours annually of continuing education in either domestic violence or a related field with a minimum of eight hours in domestic violence.

Recommended for:
Batterer program facilitator 40-Hour Training
Batterer program facilitator Continuing Education
Satisfies the required 8 hours Domestic Violence Continuing Education
Compliant with Penal Code 1203.097 and 1203.098

  • Instructor-led, live training
  • online (Zoom)
  • High quality & cost effective
  • $75 per 4-hour module
  • Reserve dates for your organization or attend our pre-scheduled classes

Easy Registration / Scheduling Classes

  1. Email or call (916) 629-3045 ext 3 (STCPD support)
  2. Flexible days and times are available based on agency requests.
  3. Discounts available for registering 12 or more participants.
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